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Motion Designer Credits Studio - Design Syndicate & Story Syndicate Series Director - Jack Youngleson Editors - Jen Mackie, Mike Culyba, Drew Blatman Animation - Giz Beardon, Eva Malek, J.T.Child Design Syndicate & Story Syndicate Netflix I was part of the team of animators in the creation of all the in show GFX for [...]
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Tag Heuer

Motion Design Electric Theatre Collective This Motion Graphics film was created especially for the unveiling of a new TAG Heuer store in Dubai. The film was projected onto the Burj Khalifa.‚Äč Credits: Creative Director/Design - J.T.Child Studio - Electric Theatre Collective Producer - Denise Flavell and Jon Purton Head of Creative - Geoff Parson Motion [...]
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Design & Motion Navico - tasked with producing a series of technology and promotional explainer videos and stills, from storyboard through to final execution. Technology Videos Style Frames
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