Concept Design

Coastline Exploration

Creative Direction, Design & Animation Explainer video produced by Vismedia for Coastline Exploration.


Motion Style Guides During my time at Pixel Power I would often ask clients to provide sample videos of their graphics along with  a motion and style guide. However not everyone was a designer and understood why a guide was needed, so I decided to put together a collection of assets showing an example and [...]


Creative Direction, Design & Animation Pebble Beach  Promo - Pebble Beach Systems integrated "Pixel Powered" plugin from Pixel Power which delivered real time 3D graphics for it's Orca and Dolphin products. These 3 templates were designed to test the integration of the products. The brief was simply to make programme menus which look as "3D" [...]


CGTools Promo - promotional marketing video to show some of the features of Pixel Power's CGTools software. The approach was to show the software as a designer's tool rather than a technical software as it had been shown in the past.


Creative Direction, Design & Animation Live Ads - this was a proof of concept for Pixel Power, to demonstrate the hardware and software products for live data integration. The brief was to show the integration of live data into a pre-recorded video, specifically showing how this could be done with a motion tracked green screen [...]
Live Ads

February Sculpting Practice

Just starting to sculpt following along with @YanSculpts course. First set are a planar skull, followed by normal skull. The last was an abstract skull based on the Dragon done for Sculpt January.

Sculpt January 2018

The challenge is to produce 1 sculpt a day for January, with each day given a theme.

Design for Production – Lesson 1 Investigation

Lesson 1 - Storyboards and Investigation Using one of my favorite paint applications "Krita", I was able to complete the next phase of the project which was to design initial storyboards. I hoped to convey in these the concepts and ideas gathered from the script and reference materials. The next part to this was to start [...]

Design for Production – Lesson 1 reference

Lesson 1 - Gathering reference material What's been really useful in this part of the lesson is actually designing and laying out the reference material that I've found and put together. Normally these are just a collection of images I gather for a given project to help generate ideas. However approaching this in a way [...]