Creative Direction, Design & Animation

Live Ads – this was a proof of concept for Pixel Power, to demonstrate the hardware and software products for live data integration. The brief was to show the integration of live data into a pre-recorded video, specifically showing how this could be done with a motion tracked green screen footage.

This video was edited to show the process of creating the above piece. It involved planar tracking the background footage in After Effects, using these track points to manipulate a 3D plane object in Cinema 4D. The plane model was exported as an FBX model and used in Pixel Power’s CGTools software. Onto this surface a video texture is mapped along with updateable text elements which can be controlled externally.

Pushing the concept further, I decided to explore the posibilities of using Camer Tracking and planar tracking together to integrate video and text elements into pre-recorded video. The video on the left was tracked directly in Cinema 4D and the plane models exported as FBX models for use in Pixel Power’s CGTools software.