Design for Production – Lesson 1

Design for Production: Workflow lesson 1

Lesson 1 of the “Design for Production: Workflow” has so far been really useful in seeing how Michael Rigley organizes projects and workflows.  The course is similar in flow to the UI and Data Design course on LearnSquared whereby the concept is to train and teach through the use of project based assignments. This helps give context to the learning and ties the framework together really well. So far I’m trying to conceive of an initial story idea to tie my piece together based on the theme of Density, Volume and Mass. This is what i have so far:

Nano circuitry connecting together to form a volume of artificial neurons, these continue to grow and connect in density until they form an artificial brain mass.

Towards the end of the lesson Michael takes us through  “Building the Base Geo” which is essentially to get you to build something using pretty basic concepts but which can produce interesting results really quickly.

Lesson File: DPW Lesson 01