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Design for Production – Lesson 1 Investigation

Lesson 1 - Storyboards and Investigation Using one of my favorite paint applications "Krita", I was able to complete the next phase of the project which was to design initial storyboards. I hoped to convey in these the concepts and ideas gathered from the script and reference materials. The next part to this was to start [...]
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Design for Production – Lesson 1 reference

Lesson 1 - Gathering reference material What's been really useful in this part of the lesson is actually designing and laying out the reference material that I've found and put together. Normally these are just a collection of images I gather for a given project to help generate ideas. However approaching this in a way [...]
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Design for Production – Lesson 1

Design for Production: Workflow lesson 1 Lesson 1 of the "Design for Production: Workflow" has so far been really useful in seeing how Michael Rigley organizes projects and workflows.  The course is similar in flow to the UI and Data Design course on LearnSquared whereby the concept is to train and teach through the use [...]
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