Creative Direction, Design & Animation

Arabica Project – The concept was to introduce a 3-dimensional logo with Arabic sensibilities, a sense of warmth and heat with fluid motion, revealing constituent parts of the logo before a full reveal.

A short motion graphics project to experiment with certain software and rendering features, such as volume mesh builder in Cinema 4D and Insydium’s particle effects for fluid simulations.

The audio was a mix of a number of tracks which captured the feeling of Arabia:

Min Zaman – Le Trio Joubran
Camel Driver – Bahramji adn Mashti
Ashkabad – Anouar Brahem Trio
Intro – Sary Hany
Mirage – Le Trio Joubran
The Mozdoks Train Anouar Brahem Trio

Style Frames

Storyboards and Experiments

Alternative Composition

Alternative composition using different music and the title card animate on to reveal the logo, with no additional animation.


Nafas – The Spy From Cairo

Simulation Tests